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​Verona, Wisconsin

Verona is known by many as Hometown USA – a nickname bestowed on the area in 1966 by a group of fighters in Vietnam – they dubbed Verona “the perfect example of Hometown USA” and it has stuck ever since.
The city celebrates the nickname in June each year by hosting “Hometown Days” which are fun family events organized for the city’s 13,000 or so residents, bringing everyone together to enjoy summer festivities.

A brief history of the City of Verona

Verona is situated in Dane County, Wisconsin, and is one of Madison’s suburbs. The area was home to Native Americans until around 1829, which is when it was ceded to the American government.

The community was centered around the building of the Badger Mill which was the first of its kind in the county. Building of the mill was completed in 1844 and Badger Mill was taken over by Samuel Taylor. He then created a post office and a shop, which led to more and more businesses setting up, creating the very heart of the City.

The Town of Verona got its name from the district of Verona in New York and was officially established by Wisconsin on February 11, 1847.

1921 saw the creation of the Village of Verona and in 1976 the villagers were concerned they would be swallowed up as nothing more than a minor district of Madison. The President of the village took action after the concerns were voiced, and so the City of Verona became established officially on April 18, 1978.

The City of Verona has kept us at Madison Moving Pros very busy. It is now a growing, vibrant community with more than 12,900 residents who enjoy a wide variety of recreational and cultural activities. More and more businesses and schools have sprung up as the population has grown over the years, adding to the hustle and bustle of daily Verona life.

Verona Geography

The City covers around 16 square kilometers, with the majority of the area made up of land. However, there is a percentage of the area which is covered by water thanks to the local rivers and creeks which flow through it.

The area is home to the Verona Sugar River Valley and Badger Mill Creek, as well as the Sugar River State Trail. Part of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail passes through Verona providing a beautiful natural walking and cycling trail for residents and visitors to enjoy.

While the area has a steady climate, there have been a couple of tornado strikes in recent years although luckily without any casualties or serious damage to the City, other than one school needing to be rebuilt.

Verona Population

The most recent census took place in Verona in 2010 and at that time it revealed the population of the City to be 10,619 people made up of 4,223 households, and 2,845 families. The estimated current population is more than 12,900.

There were around 4,461 houses in the City in 2010, making the population density around 1,685 people and 708 houses per square mile, making it a bustling and lively region in which to live.

Within the 4,223 households, 54% were married couples living together and 32% were not families. 9.6% of the homes consisted of a lone female, while 3.3% were lone men. Around 10% of the homes had single people who were aged 65 or older living in them.

Across the city, the population was 93.3% white, 2.5% Asian, 2.4% Hispanic or Latin, 1.3% African American and 0.3% Native American, with a tiny percentage of other races or mixed races also recorded in the figures.

The average age for residents in 2010 was 37, with 29% of all residents aged under 18, while 10% were over 65. The City had a roughly equal male to female split at that time.

Facilities in Verona

The City opened a new library in 2006 and has ten schools to cater for the educational needs of the younger generation – the reputation of the Verona Area School District is incredibly impressive.

There are many businesses within the City now including plenty of specialty and novelty shops in the downtown area, and notably Epic Systems – a medical information systems company, has its headquarters in Verona. Epic has thousands of employees and is constantly growing. It is one of the biggest reasons moving companies in Madison, WI are so busy.

Verona also has many other community facilities for residents, including a senior center, a swimming beach and a performing arts center.

Famous faces from Verona

There are a number of residents of note from Verona both from history and in the present day, with famous faces from the world of sport, business and politics among them. Some of the notable residents of the City include:

Derek Stanley – former NFL player
Aaron Stecker – former NFL player
William Charlton – Wisconsin legislator and farmer
Nick Schmaltz – NHL Player
Jack Skille – NHL player
Benjamin Heckendorn – video game console developer
Phil Kessel – NHL player (PIT)
Wayne Morse – U.S. Senator from Oregon
Neil Walker – former swimmer
Casey Fitz Randolph – former speed skater

Verona Leisure and Recreation

Verona has become known as a key center for leisure and recreation in the region thanks to the wealth of sport and recreational facilities available across the city.

There are two amazing trails which run right through the center of Verona City and are widely used by walkers and cyclists alike.

The Military Ridge State Bike Trail, along with the National Ice Age Trail both crisscross through the very center of Verona.

The trails create an amazing natural environment and provide cycling and walking opportunities through to Madison and other areas nearby.

Another haunt for walkers are the hundreds of acres of parkland which can be found across the city. From picnics to walks, jogging to cycling, there are plenty of open air, natural spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy.

For sports fans, Verona hosts a large football, lacrosse and baseball complex on East Verona Avenue, as well as the fantastic Eagle’s Nest Ice Arena which offers Ice Hockey and Skating facilities for all ages. The City also boasts the Reddan Soccer Park and Ceniti Park for soccer and baseball fans alike.

The City of Verona sprung up around a mill but is now a vibrant bustling community with plenty of natural surroundings and recreational facilities to enjoy, helping it live up to its nickname of Hometown USA.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the town of Verona, WI. We hope you enjoy the area as much as we do!

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