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​Middleton, Wisconsin

Middleton is a vibrant city West of Madison, in Wisconsin and is known as the Good Neighbor City after being voted one of the top ten small cities to live in, in the US, from 2005 to 2013, as well as being named as “America’s Best Place to Live” in 2007. The Good Neighbor title comes from all of the community initiatives within the city which aim to help support anyone who might be struggling, including church initiatives, service clubs, an outreach ministry and many other philanthropic groups and organizations. The city itself houses 22 parks and 25 conservation areas making up 1,100 acres. Around a quarter of the land is open space which has helped to contribute to the city’s reputation as a great place to live.

Education and learning in Middleton

The area now has a wide number of schools which fall under the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District. The City has a very impressive record of high academic achievements as well as a prominent athletic program. The staff, facilities and the community’s performing arts center also contribute to the high level of education offered to all the young people in the City.

Middleton for business

The City has a great reputation for business and has established itself as an employment center for the region, with around 8,616 employees travelling into the city for work, according to the 2010 Census. Madison Moving Pros has helped many businesses move to the Middleton area. As a result the City has attracted some big names and now hosts the corporate headquarters for American Girl (Mattel) and Capital Brewery (America’s #1 Rated Brewery) among others. Many businesses from engineering firms to fashion have flocked to this city to set up base.

Supporting the environment

One of the stand-out qualities of Middleton is a strong environmental ethic which runs throughout the community. The city has achieved Tree City USA designation for 21 years in a row and has its own sustainable city plan in place. The city is also very proud to have been named a Wisconsin Water Star, a Bird City and is also a legacy Green Tier community. Middleton is also the proud home of the Pheasant Branch Conservancy.

Middleton leisure facilities

The city houses a number of parks around the area for people to enjoy walking, cycling, and picnics in the summer. There is also a golf course for those who want to show off their sporting prowess, or perhaps try out skating skills at the Capital Ice Arena.

For book lovers there is an award-winning library and for those who are looking to holiday in the city, there are more than 1,000 rooms available and around 70 restaurants to choose from to eat out in the evenings.

As the most trusted movers in Madison WI, we’ve helped plenty of people move to the Middleton area, and we think you’ll love it here. The city has been hosting the “Good Neighbor Festival” since 1964 to bring together all of the residents, organizations and businesses in an annual celebration of neighborliness, which attracts hundreds of visitors.

Middleton History

The Middleton area started out as a popular camping area for the Algonquin tribe, before the Ho-Chunk tribe took over the area. In 1832 a fur trading post was established at what is now the Mendota County Park. A community named Pheasant Branch was the first white settlement established in the area by a Mr. Whittlesey in the 1800’s. This developed into the township of Middleton which split from Madison in 1848, just prior to Wisconsin being named as a state. The name was officially changed from Pheasant Branch to Middleton shortly after. In 1856 a railroad was built through what is now the city of Middleton, which brought with it many new business and economic opportunities. Stores and homes sprung up around the railway depot and Middleton Station was officially registered on November 3, 1856. During its early years, Middleton Station was nicknamed Peatsville because of a peat-selling business in the vicinity but when they filed to become a village in 1905, the residents dropped station from the name, to go back to just Middleton. Initially wheat was the lead commodity for Middleton and the station had specialist grain machinery built around the rail tracks. However, in the late 1800s disease destroyed the wheat crops, so the local farmers moved over to dairy farming instead. As well as the farming industry, the city now had a stone quarry, a lumber yard, a tin shop, an opera house, a pickle factory, and a blacksmith to serve and employ all of the local residents.

The Middleton Population

The first people to settle in the city were English but they were closely followed by a German population and the local newspaper printed a supplement in German for many years as a result of the new settlers. In 1900 a fire damaged much of the downtown area, but it led to the creation of the volunteer fire department, which is still being run in the same way today and is the pride of the city.

Growing into a modern city

It was 1963 when Middleton officially became a city and the basis for the area we see today was created. During the 1980’s all the old railroad reminders were taken down including the grain elevators, and a renovation project was put into place for the downtown area. Since then, further residential developments have sprung up in the Fox Ridge area, along with Stonefield and Orchid Heights, providing homes for many thousands more residents. Residential development continued through the 1990’s adding to the growth of the City. In recent years the city has continued on its growth plan, with ongoing renovation for the downtown area, as well as the creation of a new retail center and commercial office buildings. ​ From humble beginnings, Middleton has grown into an environmentally conscious and community-driven city, looking after residents while encouraging business and economy at the same time. With all of the parks and open spaces for residents to enjoy it’s no wonder this vibrant and modern city has been voted one of the best small cities to live in, many years in a row.

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